City of Carlinville
Aaron Coe
Zoning Administrator
(217) 854-4908

Teska Associates, Inc.
Mike Hoffman
Consultant Team Leader
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  1. When I was County Engineer, we used a method we called ‘ Salving’ to level uneven, rough , corrugated spots in our roads. This consisted of using good quality asphalt cold patch spread in a thin layer by a road grader over the problem areas. This could be done on some streets in Carlinville. Advice might be sought from County Highway Dept and/or County workers who have done this. City Engineers would have to revise their maintenance program slightly from just sealing with asphalt and chips.

    • Hi Thomas. Thank you for the comments; this is the type of feedback that we enjoy receiving! This information will be helpful as we assemble the Comprehensive Plan, particularly the implementation plan. Thanks again, and please feel free to submit additional comments.

      – The Teska Consultant Team

  2. When I was growing up during the Great Depression, the Thayer, Il. grade school was opened up some evenings for such programs as boxing, tumbling, woodworking, etc. The program was managed by the unemployed young people. If something like this were adopted, maybe present day AmeriCorps youth could be used. The use of the Macoupin County Bus system might also be incorporated.
    One drawback might be the need for Liability Insurance today.

  3. Some out of the box ideas;
    Has anyone ever considered adding Jr. ROTC in the High School?
    Could a shallow pond be developed for an outdoor ice skating area?
    In Virden there are Murals in the Catholic and Methodist Churches.Maybe Murals could liven up our Churches.

  4. Hi Thomas, Thanks again for all of the terrific comments. We really appreciate them, particularly looking at how the community can encourage more youth involvement and activities. The murals are also a great idea to explore, particularly as we figure out how to further enliven the downtown and buildings like the churches (as you mentioned). Thanks again and definitely keep the ideas coming!

    – The Teska Consultant Team

    I saw this way back in Rockford , Il. . They put panels on the RR Bridge and painted a Mural on them. Could this be done on RR Bridge over Rte 4 North of Carlinville?
    Note: Maybe city could get RR Engineers to Design, Donate and Erect Panels.

    With the possibility that Christmas Crib displays may eventually be outlawed and for other reasons; suggest KofC’s bldg. glass front be converted to a display window which could show religious, historical, patriotic, and even possibly advertising. KofC womens auxiliary could be in charge of displays. Might even pipe music towards the sidewalk.

    Carlinville has a good number of gymnasiums in schools, churches. To utilize these, basketball leagues using boys and girls, men and women, of different ages could be organized.

    A prominent citizen has suggested a YMCA for Carlinville. How about adding an indoor swimming pool and exercise area to the DeMusio bldg. south of town and possibly making an arrangement to have the YMCA manage the whole thing

  6. When I lived in Dixon, IL. , the City was knick named the Petunia City. The Garden Club in town planted Petunias in the grassy area between the sidewalk and Curbs with Petunias on the Streets Coming into the City. This could be done on North Broad.

    Since you are seeking suggestions for the City, maybe a few SUGGESTION BOXES could be placed around the busiest places in town.

    Maybe volunteers or unemployed people could be asked to plant vegetable gardens in various donated locations around town which could provide food for the Food Pantry. Volunteer farmers, or Tractors from the Historical Society could plow the Gardens. At one time there were some Gardening Experts in town. This may have already been done on a small scale

  7. Maybe a Park Area could be developed which would provide permanent food grilling fixtures along with shade trees, shelters, tables and benches so families could cook and play in a nature setting.

  8. Thomas, thank you for all of the great comments. These are helpful as we continue to assemble the plan for the city. Citizen comments are always welcome!

    – The Teska Consultant Team

  9. This idea is pretty wild
    Could something be done to take advantage of using Macoupin Creek which is close to town. Possibly small boating on a small scale like Current River in Mo.

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